Many companies say that they are committed to recycling. KSL is the only set storage company that is dedicated to recycling.

We have done this by setting up a separate division –

When sets are no longer required they are broken down, re-usable set pieces are photographed, catalogued and placed on our website for re-use within the industry ( Subject to approval by production companies). Component parts such as scenery ironmongery are also placed available for re-use. the remaining materials that are not re-usable are sorted into wood (chipped for re-use as chipboard, animal bedding and equestrian use), metal (smelted down for re-use as raw material) and plastic (peletised again for re-use as raw material uses such as vac form sheets etc) and polystyrene is sorted, compacted and processed to become a fuel stock for power supply.

For more detailed information please visit the Scenery Salvage Web site.

Unlike other companies scenery salvage carry out this process in house thus guaranteeing that the scenery is re-used or recycled, rather than subcontracted to a third party and loosing control of the process.